15 – Person Kit

This white metal first aid case can be hung to the wall.

  • Product Code:FS-053
  • Size:35.5x24x6.5cm
  • Packaging:8sets/ctn, 56x28x38cm

This white metal first aid case can be hung to the wall. Its characteristics include hightemperature resistant, corrosion resistant, impact resistant, dust and splash, and maintenance free. It fits for large size offices, hotels, workshops, factories, building sites, agencies, schools, kindergartens and sport clubs with up to 15 persons.

01 Triangular Bandage  2pcs
02 Adhesive Plaster  100pcs
03 ABD pad   2pcs
04 Gauze Pad   15pcs
05 Gauze Pad.M 10pcs
06 Ice Pack   1pc
07 Elastic Strap  Tourniquet 1pc
08 Conforming Bandage 2rolls
09 High Elastic Bandage 2rolls
10 Mouth to Mouth Mask 1pc
11 Eye Pad  2pcs
12 First Aid Scissors  1pair
13 Emergency Blanket   1pc
14 Tape    2rolls
15 Cotton Ball  1pkt
16 Antiseptic Tissue  6pcs
17 Safety Pins 10pcs
18 First Aid Booklet 1pc
19 Metal First Aid Box   1pc

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